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While most people think their physical appearance is important, many don’t realize just how important it may be for your health. Your outwards appearance can be one of the first signs of a medical condition.

Conditions like thyroid disease, diabetes and autoimmune disease can be signaled by by the appearance of the skin, hair, and nails. If you are experiencing any of these changes, don’t ignore it. Make sure you visit your healthcare provider to rule out any serious medical conditions.


  • Dark patches on the neck, armpits, and skin folds: Diabetes
  • Itchy skin: Liver disease, kidney disease, anemia
  • “Butterfly” rash-red rash across bridge of nose and cheeks: Lupus


  • Thinning hair: Thyroid disease
  • Hair loss: Autoimmune disease, lupus, iron deficiency, blood pressure medication
  • Excessive hair growth: Hormone disorder, ovarian tumors, insulin resistance


  • Clubbing –  enlarged fingertips, increased curvature and rounding of the nail at the nail plate: Lung disease, heart disease
  • Half and Half Nail- Dark band forms across the nail, bottom half of the nail turns a milky white color: Kidney disease


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