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Bride and groom smiling at each other

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More and more couples are bucking tradition and choosing to sneak a peek at each other before the wedding. But is it a good idea?

If you have no idea what a first look is, it’s where you and your groom (and photography and a videographer) get your first chance to see each other on your wedding day.

There are lots of reasons to do a first look, and just as many reasons not to. The good thing is, whether or not you do one is completely up to you. Here are a few things to consider when making your decision.

PRO: You Get A Private Moment Before The Ceremony

Weddings can been a real whirlwind, so it’s hard to just take a moment to look at your honey and appreciate how great they look for your special day. Doing a first look is an easy way to hit pause on the madness, providing you an opportunity to see your groom and let him take it all in before you say “I do.” The best part is, this will be a private moment just for you and your hubby!

CON: You Spoil The Surprise At The Altar

Anyone that knows me, knows I love a good spoiler! I’m not above heading to Wikipedia to read the plot of a book before I read it. However, that moment you walk into the ceremony and you see all your loved ones lined along the aisle and your groom standing at the altar is priceless. It’s a moment you can never recreate, and doing a first look takes a little of the surprise away from that.

PRO: You Can Get All Of Your Pictures Out Of The Way Ahead Of Schedule

Many couples use the cocktail hour between their ceremony and their reception to snap some shots to commemorate their wedding day. If you’re doing a first look, you may as well bring the rest of your wedding party along to do the pictures. This way you can use the cocktail hour to socialize with your guests. That means you get time to actually enjoy your reception!

CON: This Gives You Less Time To Get Ready, So You’ll Have To Start Your Day Sooner

How many brides are prepping for the ceremony up until the minute they have to walk down the aisle? Doing a first look means that you have to be ready a lot sooner, and you might need that time to get your look just right. Also, think of a first look as one more thing you have to do before the ceremony. It’s a whole ‘nother photo/video shoot to squeeze in. This means you’ll have to start your wedding prep a couple of hours early.

PRO: It’s A Fun, New Trend

For lots of modern brides this is the first thing they throw out the window. At first, this was something unheard of, but it’s really starting to catch on. If enough brides do this, it might even become a brand new wedding tradition.

CON: It Might Be Bad Luck!

It’s a long-held superstition that seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding is bad luck! It had to be said. It remains to be seen whether peeping your intended before the ceremony could ruin your marriage. Now that that’s out of the way, a more solid argument is that traditional brides might not want to do away with this practice. It helps to build up some suspense.


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