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Forrest Explains Ketchup-Gate Again

Part two of the Hollywood Divas reunion picked up from last week where the ladies were still bickering about The White Sistas. Forrest explains, once again, why he threatened Ra’Shawn with ketchup bottle. He basically e felt threatened, which is ridiculous, but…this is Forrest.

Paula Talks Out Of Her Neck Again

Paula, who is the master of saying outrageous things, called them all racist. Her theory was that if a White man had come on board with the same deal they’d be with it and branded them as “just as racist as Hollywood.” Mmmkay.

Lisa Loses Her Cool

Lisa threatened to whoop Paula’s arse in a heated exchange. Lisa is usually pretty calm, so this is a big deal, but…we know what Paula can bring out of people. They did however end up hugging it out after the host, Carlos, brought up the fact that life is short. Carlos was smooth in transitioning the conversation by getting an update on Lisa’s mother’s cancer, and on Countess’ sick father. As a result of all this sick parent talk, Lisa and Paula decided to be mature and hugged out. Lisa said she was stull hurt by Paula’s actions, and Paula is Paula, so she might not really feel like she did anything wrong, but at lest the hug was a step in the right direction.

Breaking News

Paula admitted that Forrest is a chauvinist…but then in Paula fashion, she made up excuses for his behavior. Apparently, he’s a chauvinist because he’s a southern man, and southern men believe that women need to clean, even if they do work. Plus, men don’t clean properly anyway…#Paulasplaining.

Another Temporary Truce

Golden Brooks and Elise hugged it out as well. We know their drama isn’t resolved, but that’s how frenemies do, so we’ll let them slide for now…and wait until they start beefing again next season.

Turning Tables

The ladies turned the tables on the host, and asked him various questions. Countess asked him if he had ever been with a woman (the answer was kinda sorta, but not really), and Paula even asked him for advice for The White Sistas since he has been a successful TV producer. He gave Paula and Forrest sound advice that they probably won’t listen to, but this was a cool segment, because usually the hosts never get put on the hot seat.


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