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Tomorrow night, Wednesday, is the big Republican debate on CNN.

There is going to be fireworks no doubt.

The guy carrying the ball gets hit hardest.

That guy is Donald Trump, and everyone will be coming for him.

Trump, of course, will be and is coming for everybody else, even the people who won’t be up on stage with him in California at the Reagan Library.

Ronald Reagan, by the way, will be the 12th candidate up on that stage because no doubt just about all of the 11 hopefuls will invoke Reagan in some way.

But Reagan abided by something none of these candidates have followed, the Republican’s 11th Commandment: “thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.”

Well, this time, not so much.

“George Will is a disaster.  Another one, Karl Rove. He’s terrible. He’s terrible. He’s terrible. He still thinks that Mitt Romney won. He’s still going around saying, I think he won. This guy—think of this—he ought to be on Wall Street. He raises money pretty well. The last cycle, the last presidential election, he raised $434 million and didn’t win one race. Can you believe that? Can you believe it?”

George Will, of course, is a conservative commentator.

Karl Rove is a Republican strategist who was once referred to as President George W. Bush’s brain.

Once upon a time, Rove was beyond reproach for Republicans.

That was before Trump turned the whole race on its head.

The normally mild mannered Jeb Bush even imitated Trump on Colbert the other night.

“I will build a wall between Mexico, the United States and Iran and make Mexico pay for it.  (Applause)  I will turn the National Mall into a luxury golf course and China will respect that.  I promise to put Meatloaf on the $10 bill and give Lil Jon a cabinet position which will send the message that this great nation will never turn down for what!

Jeb Bush, Dr. Ben Carson, are among the Republicans who disagree with Trump on building a wall.

But building a wall got Trump the biggest applause last night at a rally of 20,000 people in Dallas last night.

“We have to do something about illegal immigration folks. I mean, we have to do it.


“We have to build a wall folks.  We have to build a wall.  And a wall works.  All you have to do is go to Israel and say, how’s your wall working?  Walls work.”

Beyond immigration, Republicans also disagree with each other on the religious/ same sex marriage standoff in Kentucky with Kim Davis.

They’re no longer in agreement with the Pope on climate change.

They can’t come to an agreement on the Serbian refugee crisis and on income inequality.

In the old days it was the Democrats who weren’t so consistent with their messaging.

Republicans had one message:  the economy, smaller government, less taxes, God and immigration.

That was then, this is now.

GOP candidates, in the words of the late Rodney King, “Can we all get along?”

We’ll see tomorrow night, Wednesday, on CNN.

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