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Straight Outta Compton, the biopic detailing the rise and influence of N.W.A, is making box office history.

The film reminds us that we’re not the first generation to push back against police brutality, it shows Ice Cube‘s departure from the group, a glimpse of his beef with N.W.A after going his separate way, and even Eazy-E‘s heartbreaking, untimely death.

As great as the movie was, there’s still been some push-back, because many important factors in the crew’s success and demise were left out. Furthermore, the women in the men’s lives were hardly touched upon at all – even J.J. Fad, who was a big part of the group’s initial success, was barely mentioned.

What’s really been making headlines is Corey Hawkins’ portrayal of Dr. Dre, who was very abusive toward women in the past. He is said to have attacked former Pump It Up host and writer Dee Barnes, as well as rapper Tairrie B, and his ex-fiancée, singer Michel’le.

It turns out that Dre’s brutal run-in with Barnes was actually in the script, but didn’t make the final cut. Jezebel reports:

In a new L.A. Times story, Gerrick Kennedy reports that the missing depiction was included in screenwriter Jonathan Herman’s initial draft.

In the scene, the fictional Dre, “eyes glazed, drunk, with an edge of nastiness, contempt” (per noted from the script) spots Barnes at the party and approaches her.

“Saw that [expletive] you did with Cube. Really had you under his spell, huh? Ate up everything he said. Let him diss us. Sell us out.”

“I just let him tell his story,” Barnes’ character retorts, “That’s what I do. It’s my job.”

“I thought we were cool, you and me,” Dre fires back. “But you don’t give a [expletive]. You just wanna laugh at N.W.A, make us all look like fools.”

The conversation escalates, Barnes throws her drink in Dre’s face before he attacks her “flinging her around like a rag-doll, while she screams, cries, begs for him to stop.”

Dr. Dre recently apologized for his actions as a young man, acknowledging that he’s made some really terrible mistakes, while admitting to fans that he’s paid for them throughout his life.

Have you seen Straight Outta Compton yet?

SOURCE: The Muse/Jezebel | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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