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Tank. Naked. In a shower. Need we say more?

Single Ladies meets Being Mary Jane in TV One’s provocative new series Born Again Virgin. Inspired by that a**hole you used to date, TV One’s latest production is the ultimate unapologetic hump day pleasure.

According to Danielle Nicolet, star of the romantic comedy, her character Jenna “takes the audience along with her on escapades of not having sex.” Until the super hunky and swoon-worthy Tank arrives, that is. “Everything gets tossed out the window when he moves across the hall.” We can imagine.

Born Again Virgin explores the complicated ups and downs of the dating world. Jenna, a writer, who turns her new celibate lifestyle into relationship material for her Blog, navigates life alongside her best friends, Kelly (Meagan Holder) and Tara (Eva Marcille) in the hilarious original series.

We caught up with Danielle to chat about her leading role, how she was able to relate to her character and resisting Tank’s charm.

HelloBeautiful: Tell me about your character on the show…

DN: The show is about my character Jenna. Her waking up one day and realizing she’s made a lot of good choices in her life, but none of them are the man she’s dated. It’s time to get to know herself a little better and seek out deeper, more meaningful relationships. She quits her job at her magazine and starts a blog.

Born Again Virgin Cast

Source: Kyle Christy / TV One

HB: How did her past relationships influence her decision to become a born again virgin?

DN: I think Jenna did that thing all women do, which is: sleep with a guy because he’s there then once you start sleeping with him, you start assigning attributes to him he never actually had. Then you’re all surprised when it turns out, he’s exactly who you thought he was the day you met him. Next thing you know he’s been around for six months and he’s calling himself your boyfriend and he’s got nothing to offer. Or, you’re calling him your boyfriend and he’s not participating in that. Then you realize, why am I even trying to get attached to a guy who’s not nearly good enough for me anyway? I think that’s Jenna’s whole thing. She’s succeeded in all the other areas of her life and she’s happy. She has amazing friends on the show who are her roommates and lifelong best friends. Jenna’s a woman of substance. She’s a talented writer. She has family who love her… why is it so hard with men? It’s her stopping for a second and saying I have to reevaluate what I put out there.

HB: What does being a “born again virgin” actually mean?

DN: It’s just a fancy way of saying I’m going through a celibacy phase, which is what I called it when I did it. I have two girlfriends in a celibacy phase right now.

HB: Tell me about your personal celibacy phase

DN: I went through a couple of relationships and a bad breakup. I broke up with this guy who got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, but said ‘Before you answer, I want to start with a clean slate and confess I’ve been sleeping with my receptionist.’ After I kicked him all the way to the other side of the street’s curb, I thought, why do I like a**holes? I decided maybe I needed to chill out for a minute and decide what was going on with me.

HB: What tempts Jenna to rethink celibacy?

DN: Have you seen Tank? [Laughs].

HB: What was your favorite episode to shoot?

DN: There’s an episode when Jenna decides Tank (who plays Donovan), if they’re just going to be friends and not have sex, they should be able to fix each other up on a blind date. Jenna fixes Donovan up with a perfectly respectable 4 1/2 to 5 that she knew in college. That 5 from college is like an 11 now they’re grown. She shows up and Jenna does not deal with it well.

HB: How do you think Born Again Virgin will be received?

DN: It’s provocative — the title. But I like that. I certainly hope it’s going to be received well. From the bit I let my friends see, the feedback that has been the most consistent is my friends say to me ‘this is just like us.’

Grab your girls and tune in to Born Again Virgin 10pm TONIGHT on TV One!


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