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University Of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing Arraigned In Shooting Of Motorist

Source: Mark Lyons / Getty

This is some foolishness, but Raymond Tensing, the former University of Cincinnati officer who killed Sam Dubose has filed a grievance through his union demanding his job back, according to

The grievance claims that the university fired him this week without due process.

Tensing is accused of killing motorist Sam DuBose July 19 in Mount Auburn–this is an event that we all witnessed due to Tensing’s body camera. The cop stopped DuBose because his car did not have a front license plate, and it escalated to death (surprise, surprise).

Tensing was indicted on murder charges, and the university fired him from the police force.

“We filed the grievance, No. 1 because there was no just cause, and No. 2 because he was not afforded his due process rights under the contract,” Fehr said.

University spokeswoman Michele Ralston also made a statement on Friday: “The university stands by its decision to terminate Officer Ray Tensing.”

This man is really trying to get his job back after we all saw what actually happened. If that ain’t privilege, then I don’t know what is. Good for the university in sticking by its decision. Hopefully, the only thing Tensing will have to worry about in the future is not dropping the soap.


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