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It seems like someone is always trying to come up with new wedding trends every year, but one bride has just gone all the way left with it.

One happy couple caused an uproar on bridal Websites when her invitation to what she called a “Silent Shower” made its way to Reddit. “What is a ‘Silent Shower’?” you might ask. In short, it’s a shameless grab for wedding presents with all the audacity of a stick-up.

As the invitation states:

“There is no party, no guests, no bride and no boxed gifts. Simply buy a shower greeting card, enclose a check made out to [redacted] or [redacted] for whatever amount you wish. Then, put your card in the enclosed addressed envelop [sic] and mail.”

TL; DR: We want your money, but we don’t actually want to be bothered with spending time with you. Gross!

Granted, having a wedding can be incredibly expensive. Still, there’s no way you should ever, EVER, do this to the people you care about if you have any respect for them at all.

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There are a few reasons that this has got to be one of the tackiest things a bride could ever do.

For starters, you’re asking people to just give you something for getting married! Weddings are a time of celebration, which should be focused on the time that people can give you–not what they can give you. This makes it look like you don’t care anything about the people you’re inviting, and you’re just looking at them like ATMs.

Secondly, think about it like this: People are already investing time and money to attend your wedding. They’ve got to shell out for the cost of clothes, transportation (depending on how far away they live), and in some cases even hotel accommodations! Not to mention the possible need to book a babysitter. Weddings aren’t cheap for the guests, and you seriously have the nerve to also straight up ask them for more money before the wedding? #GTFOH.

Also, people put a lot of thought into what they may give a bride for her shower. The premise of a silent shower suggests that only monetary gifts are of any value. It also cheats everyone out of a chance to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. This is one of your last big parties as a single girl, and you should revel in it! Drink up all cocktails, munch all the goodies, and get all good marital advice you can with the people you love most.

If you absolutely have to ask people for money, there has to be a better way to do it. This is an incredibly rude, overly entitled approach.


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