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blackwoman-lookingrightAhhh, the mid-twenties. You’ve left some of the ways of your youth behind and maybe you are starting to feel like adulthood is here to stay. It can be just as exciting as it is daunting, but everyone’s path is different and that is something that none of us should take lightly.

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There’s several things that we learn along the way in life, but there’s certain lessons that should definitely be learned before those 30s come marching in.

Here are seven lessons every woman should be learning at this stage of life:

1. “Everyone that you fight is not your enemy and everyone who helps you is not your friend.” 

Mike Tyson said this and we know he may be seen as someone problematic to be taking moral advice from, but we can’t disregard the truth in this. We need to surround ourselves now more than ever with people who may expose us to the honest, but sometimes ugly truths about ourselves. And we also need to be cautious of those who only fill us with honey-induced perspectives.

2. Bills first, luxuries second.

By your mid-twenties, you should definitely have an understanding of the kind of financial situation you’re in. And you should be committed to doing better on all fronts. You should be on your way to figuring out how to save money, pay off debts, invest, and above all else, take care of your bills. These things ought to come before all other “wants” we may desire. You will need help in order to figure these things out, so don’t be afraid to ask those who know. None of us are perfect when it comes to managing money, but many of us can do a lot better.

 3. If you don’t do the dishes, they don’t get done.

Accept the things that you cannot change, the chores, the boring to-dos of life that must be done and make your life a lot easier by doing them on time. Or you’ll find yourself looking at dirty sinks often.

4. Your dreams have expiration dates.

One of the truths of life is some of the dreams of our youth become unattainable. You can take this as reason to mourn your childhood or you can take it as a reason to be empowered in your adulthood because you are still capable of so much. You know that time is of the essence. Get to work!

5. A relationship won’t solve all your problems.

By your mid-twenties, people are coupling off more and whether you find yourself coupled-off or single (and looking), it is easy to believe that a relationship is going to solve all the places in your life you might feel inadequate. But that’s not the case. It’s not fair to put that burden on someone else. You have to learn to be comfortable in your own skin because that kind of love is something only you can give yourself.

 6. Your sense of humor is everything.

This is a time of “adjusting” to a lot of things and because of that, it might feel like you’re failing often and losing more than you’re winning. One of the best remedies for passing through life, but especially during these years is your sense of humor. Your sense of humor can turn a mountain into a molehill, it can let insignificant things roll off your back as they should and it can do wonders for dealing with the sometimes difficult world we live in. Laugh often!

7. Life doesn’t need to be perfect or turn out the way you planned it for it to be good.

Long before social media, humans were comparing themselves to each other through the naked eye and old wives tales. Now that perfectly calculated lives are put on display, it is easy to believe in someone’s fiction and compare it to your reality. Despite all that, by your mid-twenties, chances are your life hasn’t turned out exactly the way you planned. But with enough perspective, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Here’s a secret, you’re doing so much better than you think.


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