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The marriage is doing very well. Taj and Eddie George celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in 2014 with a vow renewal. They’ve been together a total of 17 years. But Taj’s health is a little trickier: she’s now on seizure medications that she will have to take for the rest of her life.

“I’m great. God is good,” Taj says. “He renewed my whole body. There is nothing wrong with me today. I’m on medication so I’m pretty much trying to avoid that situation [seizures]. I don’t know what would happen if I was not on medication.”

Another 90’s group that has been making news lately is TLC, who raised almost $200K in two days to complete another, final album. Pop star Katy Perry kicked in $5,000 personally.

SWV says while they are stuck in their current record contract, they don’t mind donations.

“I will be her fireworks,” laughs Taj. “Wanna go to Hawaii. Need help.”

“I need a vacation,” says Coko. “I need a bag.”

“I’m so proud of TLC for taking that route,” says Taj. “And all the haters need to shut up,” says Coko. “They did it in two days.”

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Coko and Taj talk to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about what else to expect from their new season and which member they’d vote out the group. Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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