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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie joins the shortlist of U.S. officials demanding the Obama Administration return Assata Shakur, to the U.S. to complete a life sentence for the 1973 murder of NJ trooper, Werner Foerster. Christie stated that in allowing her to stay in hiding, in Cuba, would be “an affront to every resident of our state, our country, and in particular, the men and women of the New Jersey State Police, who have tirelessly tried to bring this killer back to justice.”

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Since last week, the iconic figure of Black Power and the Black Panther party has been the new focus of Jersey’s police department. Obama was looking to repair relations with Cuba as a new dawn in politics, but others, like Christie are saying not without America getting its own reparations! It seems Shakur is the golden ticket of such validation.

Christie said this to the media: “Despite my profound disagreement with this decision, I believe there is an opportunity for Cuba and its government to show the American people it is serious about change. If, as you assert, Cuba is serious about embracing democratic principles then this action would be an essential first step.”

Ever since former U.S. subtractor Alan Gross was freed from his 5-year imprisonment in Cuba, this turn of events has been used as a means to further criminalize Shakur as a refugee. Shakur was convicted of first-degree murder as she was present during an explosively violent altercation on a NJ Turnpike, but none of her fingerprints were on the weapons and she had obtained none on her. She’s since pleaded her innocence, and even published an autobiography in 1987.


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