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The View’s Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg must be nursing their throats with some hot tea after today’s scream fest. The ladies went to battle during the show’s discussion of racism in America. The hot button topic came up after the ladies chatted over President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s interview with People, where the couple revealed their own experiences with racism. POTUS admitted he was mistaken for a valet and a waiter while, FLOTUS confessed during an undercover trip to Target, a customer asked her to assist them. While the majority of the women all agreed blacks being profiled in stores is racist, Auntie Whoopi didn’t see it that way and chalked it up to good old-fashioned ignorance on the part of others. According to the Academy-Award winning actress:

You need to know what real racism is. Racism is when someone comes up to you and says, ‘I hope you f—king die. That’s racism.

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Now come on Whoopi, really? How are you going to tell someone what their interpretation of racism is?? Co-host Rosie Perez recalled to her colleauges and special guest Laverne Cox she and her sister were asked to clean tables in the VIP section of a exclusive resort in San Antonio they were staying at. While the ladies agreed Perez had a racist encounter Ms. G questioned if her experience was just stupidity or racism. That’s when O’Donnell swooped in and remarked it was racist, causing the two comics to battle it out over who can sum up racism. O’Donnell stated

I’m a gay American whose been called an d**e. I have a black kid I raised Whoopi! I have a kid in my house.

Goldberg argued O’Donnell her situation wasn’t the same as minorities with Ro screaming:

You don’t need to be black to know what racism is!

Goldberg fired back O’Donnell had to in order to get what racism was. Again, when did Whoopi become the expert and grand dame of racism? Watch the craziness below.


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