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Dr. Jessica Shepherd is a OB/GYN who founded Her Viewpoint as a community for women dedicated to providing a forum to discuss issues and share information. Her mission is to empower women in their knowledge on their bodies and to promote awareness on our options regarding our health.

Here, she shares the top 5 most embarrassing things  for women to discuss at the doctor.

1. Heavy periods– This is often a topic that women do not discuss until it is very bad.  Discuss any changes in your cycle with your GYN as it may be due to fibroids, endometriosis or endometrial cancer

2. Urinary incontinence– Many times after childbirth or in menopause, women experience urinary incontinence.  This can be a cause of lack of estrogen, muscle spasms or uterine problems. It can be managed with medications, pessaries or small surgical procedures.

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