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There may be a new kind of movie viewing experience now that Addicted is out. If you can remember have heard of surround sound , you now have Thirstyroound, because of the juicy sex scenes in the movie. Director Billie Woodruff, who also directed Drumline 2: A New Beat for VH1 is probably glad he made the cinematic choices he did as the film was first in per-screen average box office this weekend.

“The book has more sex in it. They definitely go further in the book because we’re able to do more things and we don’t have the time,” Woodruff says. His source material, was, of course Zane’s popular book Addicted which is a long-time favorite of her fans. “It’s definitely hot and steamy as well because it tells the story of what she’s dealing with, which is sex addiction. It isn’t just sex but sex is happening for a reason for the story. But there’s definitely a lot of it.”

Thirst trap Boris Kodjoe spends a lot of time without clothes in the movie, to the delight of his fans. Woodruff whos known Kodjoe since college said it was awkward filming him, because the two are like brothers. But onscreen, that awkwardness doesn’t show at all. While Kodjoe receives his fair share of exposure co-star Sharon Leal who plays his wife who struggles with sex addiction, has her fair share of love scenes as well. So thirst is equally applied in Addicted. 

Woodruff, who began his career at BET, was a well-known video director before he got into movies with the Jessica Alba vehicle Honey. Now he’s a well-respected director but he still keeps a foot in the music business.

“I still do music videos from time to time but I’m more focused on  movies and TV. But that world moves so fast that once you leave it behind they kind of forget about you. But I still do music videos from time to time.”

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