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MYTH #3: Doing cardio on an empty stomach burns more body fat.

FACT: Not only will your body be more fatigue (not being able to do your reps), you can actually suffer something called “muscle catabolism” (muscle loss) if you workout on an empty stomach. Ultimately, your body really needs energy to perform and energy comes from food. I’m a fan of eating a high protein pre-workout snack.

MYTH #4: You can skip “leg day” if you ran or biked.

FACT: Don’t we all wish that was true. Unfortunately, you CANNOT skip your leg day just because you had a cardio day that involved your legs. Unless you’re doing full-on sprints uphill or cranking the bike’s resistance to the max, you’re not doing much muscle-building at all even though you may feel like your legs and glutes are about to fall off. You need strength training moves like squats, lunges and dead lifts to build up your muscles!

Go on! Have a blast with cardio while keeping these things in mind. Don’t forget to hit the weights though!


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