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Coming this fall to TV: Jewish Jesus, a sitcom about Jesus Weinstein a pushy talent agent living in Hollywood or how about Jesus X, a bow-tie wearing Messiah who sells bean pies on the South side of Chicago- You already know it ain’t gonna happen.

So, how does Comedy Central’s Adult Swim and Aaron McGruder get away with satirizing Christianity with a Jesus who smokes weed and cusses?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m one of the ones looking forward to seeing it because I like sick, edgy humor. But I also understand how it is offensive to some and why they want it taken off the air–even before it starts.

The promos are enough to let us know they are pushing the envelope about as close to the edge as it can get.   So, if you know this is something that is going to make you uneasy, I’m with you. What I’m not with is giving any TV Show, rap song or movie more power than it deserves.   A satire about Jesus is not going to lead to the downfall of Christianity any more than a TV show about Christianity will rid the country of other religions. It just doesn’t work that way.

It does make me wonder though, what about Christianity made the creators of this show believe that it would be such an easy target.

Just maybe it’s because they believe that Christians are forgiving and won’t condemn their brothers and sisters for having an opinion that they don’t share. Maybe they think Christians have much bigger battles to fight and that they’re too busy on the front lines battling poverty, ministering to the sick, etc. to be worried about a TV show.

I’m hoping Black Jesus is a true satire that uses comedy to teach us stuff we probably wouldn’t think about on our own. If it does that, I think we can forgive it’s its crass humor and hang on to the greater message.

Are you planning to watch Black Jesus tomorrow night? Why or why not?

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