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Alabama rapper Mose Leonard (top picture w/ black tank on), 20, was recently released from jail after serving a 30 day sentence he received for appearing in a music video, reports

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After the suspicious killing of his friend Devonte “Red Man” Hinds on May 9th at the hands of a Deputy Officer, Leonard and the remaining members of his neighborhood group named MBK, My Brothers Keeper, created a tribute song along with a music video. In almost all the reports done on this video the group involved have been named as members of the neighborhood gang GTO, but Leonard expressed that this just doesn’t make sense because they had been recently robbed by members of GTO.

The evidence from “Red Mans” murder does not add up either. The officer on duty stated that Hinds was involved in a heroin deal and when he tried to apprehend him, Hinds attempted to back up and run over him so he had no choice but to shoot him. The problem with this claim is that the bullet holes were in the front of the car not the back window, which would help to back up the alligations. There were two Wal-Mart employees on the scene that witnessed the struggle and said they both tried to help the young boy once he was shot, but the Deputy would not let them and he just let him bleed out.

Wrongful killing done by law enforcement is nothing new, but once you have officers that take to social media to express their support for what has happened resulting in a young man losing his life, it may be time to start looking into things a little closer.  Once the video was up, comments flooded into Leonard’s notifications , even some from police officers who are seen openly expressing that they felt “Red Man” deserved to die that day. Check out the link to the video below to read the comments.

After someone quoted a boosie lyric about the police, a local police officer took a screenshot of the post and put it on his page for other officers to see.


Now the boys that refer to themselves as MBK, including Leonard are constantly being harassed and have also received death threats from the police. Here is a picture Leonard took which shows an officer walking down the street with a shotgun in hand when he and friends were simply sitting outside not causing any problems.


When all is said and done, Mose Leonard just wants people to know that Hinds was not a troublemaker, he was laid back and stayed to himself, he didn’t deserve to die like that.

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