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Regina Hall and Kevin Hart have an undeniable chemistry and if you’ve seen the hilariously raunchy rom-com “About Last Night” you know exactly what we’re talking about. If you didn’t see the Kevin Hart production, you missed an epic sex scene that involved a chicken suit (nope, we’re not kidding).

Regina and Kevin are old friends, so when they had to get intimate on set, it wasn’t awkward…until Kevin made a joke about Regina’s boobs that is…

We caught up with Regina, who’s promoting her latest business venture as ambassador of Elizabeth Taylor’s new fragrance White Diamonds Lustre, and she opened up about her favorite scents, working with Kevin Hart on movies “Think like A Man Too” and “About Last Night” and the awkward moment that occurred on set when their clothes were off!

HelloBeautiful: Tell me about the chicken costume scene in “About Last Night…”

Regina Hall: It was an unplanned scene. Originally, I think I was wearing a ski-mask. Wardrobe came in and was like, ‘we have these three different kinds,’ and I was like, ‘what about the chicken?’ I don’t know why and I was like, ‘Kevin, let’s do it now.’ They have such an adventurous personal life that I thought if there was anybody that wanted this, it would be Bernie.

HB: Have you ever done anything crazy like that in real life?

RH: No. I will say the one good thing about movies, your mind goes into character. I wouldn’t think to do that. But, you think about what that person would do, that character.

HB: Was it awkward at all?

RH: The great thing with Kevin is that I’ve known him for years and he is a jokester. But, he’s like a brother. I’ve known him for years. I couldn’t have had that many scenes, those type of scenes, with anyone else. Now, he did joke. He talked about my body parts. He called my breasts ‘spandex.’ I mean, he wore socks the whole time, so I know he has foot issues, it’s okay. It wasn’t awkward. His girlfriend was there and we laughed. It was great. There was nothing in it that made me feel hesitant. It was like how can we make it fun. We wanted Joan and Bernie to be different. So, it was like, ‘How do we make this relationship fun, but get the audience to want them to be together?’

HB: What can you tell me about “Think Like A Man 2”?

RH: The gang goes to Vegas for a wedding.

HB: Who’s wedding?

RH: I don’t know how to not tell stuff. I believe it’s my wedding…

HB: The momma’s boy settled down?

RH: That’s the intention, I didn’t say I got married. [Laughs].

Be sure to check out “Think Like A Man” in theaters July 20!


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