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Anyone who has commuted throughout the District during the morning or evening rush hours knows how crazy and populated the city gets. Regional planners have estimated from now till 2040 the city’s population will increase by 28 percent and the jobs within the district will grow 40 percent, according to Fox 5 D.C..

The metro rail is now the second busiest subway system in the country and metro bus, as well as other regional carriers, have another half a million people using them daily. With numbers like these and congestion continuing to peak D.C. planners are looking for ways ensure smoother travel. A comprehensive travel plan include the production of trolleys, instillation of over 200 miles of bicycle lanes and the recommendation getting a lot of buzz, toll lanes at key entry points into the city.

Still a recommendation with no sure plan of execution, the thought of tolls has been getting mixed feelings. According to Fox 5 D.C., “Electronic tolls would likely be collected around the 14th Street Bridge, the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge (that’s I-66), inbound New York Avenue, and inbound Canal Road.  Carpoolers would likely be exempt from the tolls.”

But for now, D.C. officials are seeking the public’s reciprocation to these recommendations among others.

How do you feel about the possible poll lanes within the city? Leave a comment with your feelings and opinion on the matter.

For the full Fox 5 D.C. article click here

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