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Sundy Carter Says Malaysia Gave Her A Black Eye, Not Draya

Well, well, well…

The most hated woman on reality TV, Sundy Carter, visited “The Breakfast Club” where she revealed that it wasn’t Draya who blacked her eye during the vicious “Basketball Wives LA” brawl, but the feisty (and favorite) Malaysia.

If you faithfully watched the season, like we did, you probably thought Sundy had it coming for talking about Draya’s son (and then talking about Brandi’s inability to have children). We saw Draya lunge at Sundy, but cameras quickly faded to black and we didn’t actually see the fight.

According to Sundy, she and Draya fought more than once and was hit in the face by Malaysia’s bracelet that caused the massive black eye.

Watch this clip of the brawl and see if you agree with Sundy:

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