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Dear Tom,

My mother works as an Accountant for the girl scouts of America and they have been keeping her busy.  The checks are still coming in from the cookie sales and I think they may have broken a new record for 2014.

I really don’t know how my mom is able to do all of the things she does while keeping up with the family and helping me get through college.

She is the first lady of Grace Temple Church; she volunteers at women’s shelters and is the primary caregiver to my dad.  He had a stroke a few years ago so he had to step down from permanent employment.

My mom has been a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. since 1993.  I recently became a member, which made her very proud. She has been dying for both of us to have some mother-daughter-sorority sister time together.

The 2014 international Boulé is in Washington, DC during the Phi Beta Sigma 100th centennial celebration.  They will be celebrating a 92-year relationship as the only true brother-sister Greek-letter organizations.

I know that she would really like to attend the Boulé in mid-July – she can even stay with me!

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