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If I could describe day four in one word, then it would be: magnificent!

When I awoke that morning, I knew my panel discussion on “How to Build A Business” would take place at noon, but I felt sort of unprepared. Not in a bad way, but typically if I over think what I would like to discuss, I normally come off rehearsed. I like to be as transparent as possible, so the more I’m relaxed the better for the audience. I was excited at the selection of panelists that were chosen.

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Each of us brought our own sense of How to Start a Business. Vanessa Parker Owner/CEO Boss Lady talked about how you can turn your hobby into a full-time business. While Sylvester Johnson Sr. Manager, Supplier of The Home spoke about building relationships with national brands and how to network with a pool of people you already know.  I was able to speak on starting my blog from the ground up and how being consistent made it grow into something bigger than I ever imagined.

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Fresh off my high from the panel and being inspired by the audience, it was time to enjoy St. Thomas. I slid into my bathing suit, cover up (I can’t go walking the islands with everythang hanging out) and shades and hit the bottom floor off the ship to enjoy some sun. I stopped at the duty-free and was surprised at the prices for alcohol! I could stock my full bar at home with these prices. Then I decided to sway my way to the jewelry store to entice myself with engagement rings. I have no clue why I wanted toy with the idea of marriage seeing that, I don’t have a man in sight lol but any how back to St. Thomas! It was a beautiful scenery, the people were nice and it’s truly an experience that everyone should witness at least once in their life.

After St. Thomas, I was exhausted but there was no way I was going to miss Katt Williams live comedy show from the pool deck. Katt Williams performed as if he’s never been on a hiatus. Or has it called it, an early retirement. He turned his past issues into a comedy skit and we could really see that he’s healthy, together and back on the right track.


Did I mention that there is a bar on the ship that’s named after Bobby Brown??? Yea there is! Apparently, Bobby got totally wasted at this bar one year and to honor him, they named it after him. Needless to say, Bobby had to talk smack about it, when he hit the stage with group mates, Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant as Heads of State.


Now, this group can turn the crowd up! Each singing their solo projects music and coming together for couple songs had the crowd on their feet. I even thought the lady standing next to me was going to throw her panties at Ralph. Sheesch lady get a hold of yourself. LOL I think she was really looking for a man with sensitivity, a tenderoni and she sholl felt good that night. She was ready! She had on her all white from head to toe and she was determined to get her some Ralph!

I love to see when a group of people can come together, create a theme for attire and people actually commit to doing it! We as a people just showed out for the All White Party. You couldn’t tell nobody nothing! Ladies were switching a lot harder than normal and the men were smooth to a T with hats and cigars on the pool deck. The Fantastic Voyage 14′ looked spectacular last night.

Which leads me to the Old School Hip Hop concert. I could hardly keep my eyes open but I had to see Chubb Rock, Jay Lamont and Kid n’ Play. Now, I plan to go home and watch Class Act and House Party a few times!

Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s recap.

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(Photos: Rance Elgin; Rita Bell and Twitter)

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