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SYBIL WILKES :  These are the brothers that …

REP. CORRINE BROWN:  Yeah, those are the brothers that we buy the toilet paper from.

SYBIL WILKES :  Yes, ma’am.

TOM JOYNER:  How can we find out which congress people around the country are being supported by the NRA?

REP. CORRINE BROWN:  Well, we can get that information for you.  And we got law students that can do the research for us.  Let’s do it.

TOM JOYNER:  Because that’s what’s happening here, in all these states, they’re passing laws.  And the congress people are the people that pass laws.

ROLAND MARTIN:  But on a state level you’re dealing with the state law makers.

TOM JOYNER:  That’s right, the state law makers.


REP. CORRINE BROWN:  I spoke Monday before the state, one of the members who it’s his bill, he asked me, he said; do you know that the Supreme Court passed this?  A ruling in year 1921?  I looked at him; is he from another planet?  From another planet?  I am telling you it is very important.  I love the rallies.  You got to go to those committee hearings and speak up.

ROLAND MARTIN:  Well, the committee hearings, but also the point that I made is you can rally the state capital, but when the rally is over you’ve got to move people to go meet with every law maker, go to every office, and you’ve got to bring constituents.  So you got to say we got people from your district, from your area, who are here to meet with you.  And you’re right, when they have these hearings, we got to pack those hearings out as well, and that’s why I keep saying; stop having these rallies and we’re not taking people’s names, numbers, emails, twitter addresses because you need to drive people to these hearings.  Because often times, Congresswoman, in these hearings, they’re empty except for the people supporting the bill.

REP. CORRINE BROWN:  That’s exactly correct.  And that’s what happened Monday.  After the rally and the NAACP was very organized, they had a wonderful rally, but the hearing started at 4 o’clock, there was nobody in there.

ROLAND MARTIN:  Right, so a rally at 11 a.m.

REP. CORRINE BROWN:  So we can organize, so we can have people in these hearings.

ROLAND MARTIN:  That’s right.  Congresswoman Corrine Brown, we certainly appreciate it, thank you so very much.

REP. CORRINE BROWN:  Thank you all for your leadership.

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