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A grown man in his 40’s shoots into a car full of teenagers and kills one of them Sound familiar?

It does, but it’s not Michael Dunn. And this time it didn’t happen in Florida.

Forty-eight year old Willie Noble is the suspect. Little Rock, Arkansas is where it happened.

Police say the 15-year old teenage girl who died had ridden with a group of friends, to a house to perform a prank on another teen who had pranked them on Halloween.

According to police the teenagers told police they had thrown toilet paper, leaves, eggs and mayonnaise on a car parked at the house.

And after seeing the teens target the car, police say Willie Noble, the home and car owner, burst out of the house in what appears to be a rage and opened fire on the car in which the teens were riding.

Fifteen year old Adrian Broadway was struck in the head and died at the hospital. She was riding in the front seat.

The 18-year old driver suffered minor cuts from broken glass before driving to a nearby convenience store and gas station to call for help.

The four other teens in the car, ages 14 to 17, were not injured.

Noble is charged with first degree murder, five counts of aggravated assault and one count of terroristic threats.

This is yet another case where teens were doing what teens do everyday all around the country and one of their lives was snuffed out.

This is yet another case where an adult who should know better, reached for a gun instead of a phone or common sense and snuffs out a young life.

And while Arkansas doesn’t have a traditional stand-your-ground law, according to CNN legal analyst, Sunny Hostin, they have an expanded castle doctrine law, which means — not only can you defend yourself and your property inside your home, you can also do it around the perimeter of your home.

And, that’s exactly what Noble did as he shot into the car full of teenagers. He could get off because he said he was protecting his property and trying to scare the teens. He says he didn’t mean to kill them.

Pranks are silly and something we usually grow out of with age and maturity.

Using our brains instead of weapons to handle an annoying situation is something that usually comes with age as well. But not for everyone.

And those are the people who are using laws to circumvent common sense and are taking young promising lives.

I said it last time, I’ll say it again. We must demand a reassessment of our self-defense laws in this country.

A 15 or 17-year old life deserves so much more. It’s a life that barely has been lived.

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