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The Tom Joyner Morning Show crew discusses Pam Oliver’s hair and whether it impacts her career:

FOX sideline reporter Pam Oliver has been in the business for 19 years but for the last couple of years the only thing people seem to talk about is her hair.

Oliver has worked for FOX for 12 of those 19 years but the end of her contract is looming. Despite being a veteran, many believe Oliver’s career with FOX is nearing its end. Mostly because more people talk about her appearance than her craft but also because FOX began using Erin Andrews as a sideline reporter during the NFL postseason.

In a recent interview with the New York Daily News, held right before Super Bowl XLVIII, Oliver admitted that many people have questioned her future with FOX, she explained to the publication:

 “All this stuff comes with the territory. She (Andrews) is a high-profile person. A lot of attention is paid because people are curious about her,” Oliver said. “They want to start this competition. And all of a sudden I’m answering questions walking through airports. Things like: ‘Are you being pushed out?’ Or, ‘What’s going on?’ Or, ‘What’s the speculation?’

“Well, there’s plenty of speculation,” Oliver said. “But until somebody comes to me and says, ‘Thank you, you’ve had a nice run,’ it’s my job.”

So far there have been no reports about Oliver’s contract negotiation with FOX but it reportedly expired during the Super Bowl.

Now the questions are:

If Pam Oliver’s contract is not extended, are the “hair critics” partly responsible? Do we care about hair too much in the black community? Do you think the constant controversy surrounding her hair has had any effect on her career? Or do you think there is no relation between the two?

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