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Famous Sons and Daughters of Preachers

Did you know that Denzel Washington is the son of a preacher? See who else makes the list.

Most Revealing Celebrity Outfits

Some celebrities push the envelope with their music, acting and even wardrobes. Check out these memorable revealing outfits of the stars.

Married Couples Club

Ain’t love grand? Don’t answer that. Just enjoy this gallery of celebrities in married life bliss.

Upgrade or Downgrade?

These celebs have left their previous loves and moved on to greener pastures…maybe. Do you think they’ve moved up or settled for less?

Celebrity Men in Fraternities

This gallery pays homage to celebs representing the Greek life.


Celebrity Women in Sororities

These famous women are successful in their careers and representing their sororities with dignity and grace.

Hot Celebrity Instagram Pics

This Friday feature is a big hit on BlackAmericaWeb. Who doesn’t like a peek into the lives of celebrities?

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