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The 12 Years a Slave premiere at the New York Film Festival, where Madonna was allegedly texting throughout the first half of the film until she was asked to stop by another moviegoer; the songbird has been banned from attending movies at the Alamo Draft house movie theater chain.

The company’s CEO, Tim League, raged out on Twitter over Madge’s bad movie manners.  League tweeted: “Until she apologizes to movie fans, Madonna is banned from watching movies.”

The Alamo Draft house Cinema chain has a very strict no-talking and anti-texting policy for its theaters, and will ask moviegoers who violate the policies to leave the theater.

Many of The Queen of Pop’s fans jumped to action on Twitter, telling Alamo Theaters that they were being outrageous and overreacting to the situation, but League stood his ground and continued tweeting:

“Madonna, however entitled she feels she is, is unbearably rude to others around her by texting in a theater “She needs better manners is all.”

League claimed on Saturday that his Twitter tirade toward Mo was all a joke and was simply meant to get the issue of texting during movies into the public eye.

Madonna’s team has not responded to the controversy on Twitter and has not released a statement regarding the ban.

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