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“When your family is being broken up by these particular women, it’s not something you’re going to be Shangri-La about,” Comacho-Ali says. “But once I divorced Ali, I let him go to do what he wanted. Chapter 29, in my book that will be coming out soon, I’m telling all the dirt. It’s gonna be juicy!”

But Khalilah bears the former heavyweight champion of the world no ill will. She helped “The Trials of Muhammed Ali” director connect to people that were part of Ali’s life when they were married and was happy to be involved.

“I had a wonderful life being with Muhammad Ali,” says Khalilah. “Enjoyable events, up and down, it’s been exciting, it’s been dramatic. I feel honored to be a part of ‘The Trials of Muhammad Ali.’ I was there. He went through a lot of pain and a lot emotion and I was there to support that.”

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