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Comedian Chris Paul takes a hilarious look at the day’s hottest topics.

Lebron’s mom has a new man.  Gloria James is said to be dating a 31-year-old rapper named Da Real Lambo.  And he’s got pictures on Instagram calling Lebron’s mom his wifey.  No word on how Lebron feels about his mom dating a young rapper dude, but I know I wouldn’t like it.  Imagine calling your mom and the young rapper dude answers the phone.  ♫‘Yo, bro.  Ya’ moms can’t talk right now.  She’s giving me a mic check.  You feel me?’♫

R&B singer Miguel has officially been charged with two counts of drunk driving.  Miguel was busted for boozing behind the wheel back in August and now he’s got a double DUI charge.  But Miguel is lucky because he’s so short the cops also thought about charging him with failure to be in a child’s seat.

Chaz Bono has lost a ton of weight.  The artist formerly known as Chastity has shed over 70 pounds since the sex change operation that turned him from a woman into a man.  And you know Chaz is happy about losing that big gut.  Because after paying all that money for sausage surgery now he can finally see it.

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