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“The only thing about being a “jerk” [or insert word of choice] is you have to be one all the time. Classification is how the human mind makes sense of the world. Colleagues and associates don’t have the time or the desire to gauge our shifts in mood or to understand the reasons for our behavior. We are judged and placed in mental categories by others based on our interactions with them. We have one, maybe two, opportunities to show people the role we will play in thier lives. If our behavior causes us to be classified as a not so nice person, there is often little we can do to alter that perception. Even genuine acts of kindness will be dismissed or looked at with speculation. On the other hand, when we have been classified as kind, helpful, loving or some other positive attribute, an occassional “bad day” is overlooked. What role do you play in the lives of your colleagues and associates? Decide how you want to be perceived and act accordingly. Choose wisely. Chances are you will be stuck with the role.” -April Watts