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Mornings might be an untapped resource for single guys — a whole section of the day in which men rarely, if ever, make an effort to meet women. Think about it, what are you typically doing in the time between when you first wake up and noon? Sleepwalking your way to work? Checking your e-mail? Gulping down cup after cup of coffee? That’s valuable time you could be spending meeting women, gentlemen, but you need to be awake and alert in order to make use of it. If you’d rather be spending your mornings talking to women, take a look at these top morning icebreakers.

“Can I get that coffee for you?”

One of the most common places you’ll run into attractive women in the morning is at your local coffee shop. As we all know, many a romance has begun over a caffeinated beverage and that’s why offering to buy a woman a cup of coffee is among our top 10 morning icebreakers. If you notice an attractive woman in line with you at the coffee shop, don’t hesitate to offer to pay for her morning cup. This small romantic gesture is just the thing to get a conversation kick-started first thing in the morning.

“Is this seat taken?”

Making the most of your morning is all about being alert and attentive. For instance, you should always be on the lookout for open seats next to beautiful women — on the train, on the bus or at a table in a crowded coffee shop. That’s prime pickup real estate, but you have to be on your game to spot it and make use of it.

“How was the workout?”

The gym is another great location to meet women early in the morning, and the great thing about meeting a woman at the gym is that you already know the two of you have some recreational activities in common. A word of caution, though: Do not open a conversation at the gym by commenting on a woman’s physique. Nor should you let on that you were watching her while she was working out. It’s creepy. Stick with a generic icebreaker like, “How was the workout?” on your way out of the gym or at the juice bar. Oh, and beware of body odor post-workout. Make sure that you shower and use a good body wash.

“What floor?”

Sometimes guys spend too much time trying to think of the perfect way to open a conversation; as a result, they run out of time and never say anything at all. Don’t over-think your morning icebreakers. You don’t always need to be witty or charming right off the bat. The most important thing is that you establish verbal communication. Saying something is always better than saying nothing at all! For example, when in the elevator, a polite gesture — like asking a woman “What floor?” and pushing the button for her — is often enough to get the ball rolling.

“Please, take my seat.”

When commuting on a bus or a subway, you should always be ready to give up your seat to a woman. Your gentlemanly gesture is an excellent way to make a good first impression. Moreover, since the car will necessarily be crowded, you’ll be in close proximity to each other, making it easy to strike up a conversation. Like all of our other top 10 morning icebreakers, offering up your seat (before someone else does) requires you to be alert and awake first thing in the morning.

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