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This account raises far more questions than it answers.

1.    Suarez knew, or should have known, all the dangerous spots in Mexico City that tourists should avoid at all costs. Why would he take Shabazz to a notorious hoochie bar?

2.    This guy that appears with a gun to take Suarez to a separate room, leaving Shabazz to the not-very-tender mercies of the men that would beat him to death – seems rather convenient, doesn’t it?

3.    Suarez “escaping” also seems rather convenient, doesn’t it?

4.    After his escape from a guy that pulled a gun on him – and AFTER hearing a “violent commotion” in the hall, Suarez returns in…..a cab?

5.    Why didn’t Suarez return with the cops, rather than a cab?

6.    Just HOW did Suarez escape from the guy with the gun?

A story on the Web site says that Suarez and Shabazz “strayed” into the notorious hoochie bar. Sorry, I ain’t buying that one either.

RUMEC stands for Revolutionary United Mexicans in Combat. According to Internet sources, Suarez is a co-founder of the organization.

Shabazz, an African American activist like his grandfather, was known to support revolutionary movements throughout the world. He went to Mexico to support RUMEC and Suarez.

For his troubles, he ended up being beaten severely and tossed into a street reeking of the stench of sewage, according to the story.

How that happened warrants some better answers, far better than the ones that Suarez has provided so far.

The more answers Suarez gives the more questions are raised. Recently the Huffington Post ran a story that read, in part, “Suarez said that he and Shabazz were lured to the bar Wednesday night by a young woman who made conversation with Shabazz in English.”

Sorry, I ain’t buying that story either. There’s an odor, an ugly smell, about this whole business. And you all know the odor I’m talking about.

It’s the distinct, disgusting stench of rodent.

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