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Jamie Foxx is taking the media by storm. If they aren’t talking about the shirt he wore to the MTV Movie Awards this weekend then they’re talking about his new role in ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’.

Jami Foxx who was the recipient of MTV’s Generation Award, took the time to turn attention on gun violence. The actor donned a shirt reading “Know Justice Know Peace” with pictures of youth who have recently lost their lives to gun violence, including Trayvon Martin and the victims of the Sandy Hook School shooting.

He took to twitter as well with the hashtag #JustaBlip and stressed that his motives were not political in any way.  Unfortunately, Foxx became the victim of racist tweets of disapproval of his wardrobe. even found a tumblr page with some of the tweets directed at Foxx.

In happier news, however, Foxx will be taking over the big screen as Electro in the new Spider-Man movie. Foxx was spotted filming in Times Square.

The role is very different then what we’re used to seeing Foxx play. Electro, better know as Maxwell Dillon, is an electrician who Foxx describes as getting the short end of the stick in life, who is struck by lightning and subsequently is able to control electricity.

The movie is set to premiere next May.

—Alexis Holliday