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In this week’s edition of Blank Stare News: Ray-J’s “I Hit It First”

On a seemingly blissful Friday, I, like everyone else in my office, patiently waited for 5 o’clock to hit and begin my 48 hours of freedom. But then, straight out of the conclaves of what the f*ck, Ray J releases a blurred photo of Kim Kardashian walking on a sandy beach in a bikini with the words “I Hit It First.”

Annoyance ensued.

With a screw-face to boot, I asked my coworkers and editors what prompted such a juvenile act? Did Kim throw shade I wasn’t aware of? Did Kanye and his Yves Saint Laurent-wearing goons step to Brandy’s little brother? The song seemed so unprovoked and random.

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But once I put on my thinking snap back, I realized I was more upset at our society’s inability to allow women to make mistakes and move on from them.

Women are held to a much higher standard because it seems society has accepted the notion men will f*ck up. This is a given and to be expected. So women are then the proverbial “designated drivers.” The responsible ones. The ones that cannot make a mistake, and if we do honey chile honey chile!

Although his actions are elementary, douche bag-esque and proof men indeed get their periods too, I could somewhat understand where Ray J was coming from if Kim weren’t doing anything with her life. But that’s not the case.

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Kim’s net worth is estimated at $40 million. She banks $80,000 per episode on her E! Reality TV Show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” She has the Sears Kardashian Kollection, an OPI Nail Polish Line, owns four DASH boutiques, her own signature perfume, did the super sexy Super Bowl ad for her endorsement deal with Skechers, gets a check from Midori Liquer and has partnered up with, and QuickTrim, weigh-loss supplement.

And those aren’t half the endorsements Kim K is bringing in. Plain and simple, Kim’s a boss, but we don’t necessarily treat her like that.

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