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Beyonce and husband Jay-Z took are in the midst of controversy regarding their choice to vacation in Cuba for their anniversary. The couple has been called insensitive for not addressing the human rights controversy and because the US has deemed it illegal for citizens to visit Cuba as tourists.

However, If Uganda’s Minister of Integrity and Ethics  Simon Lokodo’s proposal to ban sexy clothes is passed, the Bow Down Diva might have more controversy on her hands.

The Minister and his administration are classifying provocative wear most notable mini skirts as obscene and pornographic. The proposal has caused significant backlash and protesters trended #SaveMiniSkirt to show their disapproval.

Lokodo believes that the ban is an issue of safety and appropriateness and proposes citizens be subject to arrest.

“We are saying anything that exposes private parts of the human body is pornography and anything obscene will be outlawed. Television should not broadcast a sexy person. Certain intimate parts of the body cannot be opened except for a spouse in a private place,” said Lokodo.

He also clarified that the ban will expand to cover photos, television shows and broadcasts and even films.

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—Alexis Holliday