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It has to stop.

It’s the parent’s responsibility to talk to their sons about how to treat women – all women. Teachers can’t be expected to teach boys and raise them, too. Parents must teach black boys that sexually abusing girls is wrong – and I would think parents would drill this notion into the minds of their sons. But some don’t.

Meanwhile, the girl’s mother is planning to sue the New York Education Department for not acting to stop the inappropriate behavior, which happened during the 2009-10 school year.

And here’s something more troubling: According to the Daily News, this wasn’t the first time that Koppelson failed to alert authorities about alarming events.

“Koppelson was disciplined in 2011 for not filing a report when Emergency Medical Services was called for a student,” the Daily News reported.

“She also received a letter of reprimand for failing to notify her supervisors about an arrest in 2008 for driving while intoxicated. The 25-year department veteran was removed from the school in January 2012 and assigned to an administrator rotation pool. She earns $105,975 a year.”

I don’t know why Koppelson failed to report the sexual abuse crime against an innocent 9-year-old girl. I only know that Koppelson did not protect the third-grader by allowing repeated sexual violations in her school and not investigating a mother’s claims.

“He’s just a kid,” Koppelson told the young victim’s mother about the alleged sex offender.

Here’s the problem: Kids sexually abuse girls. It’s a fact. And since Koppelson can’t seem to wrap her mind around that concept, she should be removed as principal of Public School 194.


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