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So by now you’ve probably heard Beyonce’s song ‘Bow Down/I Been On’. Well, Rush Limbaugh has and he’s not pleased at all.

Limbaugh believes that the song goes against everything the singer has portrayed to stand for. He recently took to his show The Rush Limbaugh Show to dissect and analyze the lyrics of the song, however his opinions seemed to be based off a misguided understanding of punctuation. At least that’s what it seems like.

Limbaugh believes the lyrics are anti-feminist. “Beyonce is now saying, go ahead and put up with it,” said Limbaugh. He believes the lyrics promote women being subservient and “bowing down” to their men. He later went on to compare Beyonce’s current music to the music she released with Destiny’s Child saying, “ The early Beyonce, Destiny’s Child was all about you don’t need a man, you don’t need a guy,” said Limbaugh.  “She got some guy to put a ring on it, now she gonna bow down,”  he went on to say after discussing the issue with a caller.

In contrast, ‘Fool of Me’ singer Meshell Ndegeocello chose to criticize Beyonce’s critics, most notably Keyshia Cole. Ndegeocello believes that Cole’s opinions were unwarranted and that she should instead support other women. In a post on her personal Facebook, Ndegeocello compared the song to that of MC’s and focused on the fun beat and energy the song promotes. “I really felt good when I heard the new Beyonce track ‘Bow Down/I Been On,” she wrote. She went on to say in response to Cole’s twitter remarks:

“ ‘There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women’— Madeliene Albright said that once and it rings true.”

What do you think about Bey’s song?


—Alexis Holliday

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