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We’re sad to report that Lou Myers, the well-known actor who played Mr. Vernon Gaines in 80′s sitcom, “A Different World” has died. According to TMZ, Myers succumbed to a heart-related emergency after being admitted to the Charleston Medical Center in West Virginia. Sadly, Myers’ heart stopped and he fell into a coma. The medical staff was unable to revive him and he passed hours after. It’s being reported that Myers has been suffering through a string of health issues, including pneumonia late last year. However Myers was released after being treated shortly after New Year’s.

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Myers started his acting career on Broadway in “The First Breeze Of Summer,” and while he typically played grumpy old man roles, he was most widely known for his role as Mr. Gaines on “A Different World.” He certainly was very much a curmudgeon in this role, but there was always something so loving about the tough love he’d give out to those college kids.  Check out Mr. Gaines in action below:

R.I.P. Lou Myers, you’ll always be Mr. Gaines to us!

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