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The new year seems so close yet so far away … well considering we may not make it to the year 2013.  According to the ancient Mayan calendar, the last cycle will end, December 21, 2012. To prepare for the world’s end, here are a few essentials items you should include in your “End Of The World Survival Kit.

5) Sturdy Shelter Materials – With the end of the world nearing, no one knows what to expect. But one thing is for sure, your current home will not be safe. Having materials to create alternative housing is necessary. Aim to create a closed in  shelter – similar to the one in I Am Legend!

4.) Zombie Repellent/Alien Repellent – Though nonfictional movies and television shows may be entertaining, a zombie/alien takeover could very well occur Dec. 21st. Having materials and gases to fight them off will prolong your survival.

3.)Gas Mask – Just to be on the safe side, pack a gas mask away, it’s about to get … REAL.

2.) Food/Beverages – Purchase nonperishable foods and beverages that do not need to be prepared: canned vegetables, SPAM, tuna, oatmeal, dehydrated fruits, multivitamins, pet food, and tons of water.

1.) Bottles On Deck – Just in case all else fails, and the other four tips aren’t effective… have a few of your favorite bottles available. No sense in worrying at that point .  . .  end life off with a BANG.

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