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President Barack Obama made an appearance on the David Letterman show on Tuesday night and reminded us all that it is possible for a man to be just as debonair as Denzel Washingon in GQ (if not more). Before the interview even got going, President Obama was gushing over Michelle with Letterman.

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“She’s a wonderful and genuine person,” President Obama smiled as he spoke highly of his wife.The love that Michelle and President Obama share is obviously something most of us covet. It’s almost like he can’t help but talk about his partner in any interview. He recalled their first year of marriage when Michelle forgot their anniversary as he told Letterman they are approaching their 20th year of marriage.

Like you, I’m already well-versed on just how charismatic our President is, but on Letterman, he oozed cool. He joked about being nervous that Sasha and Malia were getting older, but he’s secure because they’re surrounded by men with guns.

I really got a chance to see a side of the President that I rarely see. He chatted candidly with Letterman about making his own beer in the White House, but not knowing if it’s actually legal. I don’t know about you, but I think President Obama is the coolest man ever to grace the Oval office. Well, next to former President Clinton.

He didn’t keep the interview strictly personal, President Obama opened up about the condition of America when he walked into the Oval office on his first day. From tax rates to debts & deficits to cooperation between congress and senate–President Obama shared his personal views on where our country is and where we’re going.

“We’ve still got the ingredients that make us the envy of the world–best workers, best businesses, best scientists, best researchers. We’ve got all the qualities we need to make this 21st American century just like the 20th, but it’s going to require us making smart choices right now. The big choice that everybody’s gonna have to make is which direction we go with the next four years. That’s what this election is all about.”

Which direction are you going? I say four more years of President Obama! Oh and just in case you like your President Obama news juicy–there is talk of Mitt Romney in the interview as well!

Watch the the full interview with President Obama on Letterman below:

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