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Having a famous last name can get your foot, well, your entire leg into the door of opportunity. Bria Murphy knows this, but doesn’t rely on the silver spoon she was born handling to determine where she’s headed in her career. Bria Murphy is the daughter of Eddie and Nicole Murphy and is making her own waves in the industry.

As Dark & Lovely‘s newest spokesmodel, Bria’s beauty was the perfect fit for the trusted hair brand. Dark & Lovely has launched a few new products that are going to make women of color’s lives so much easier. The Anti-Reversion Smoothing Serum is a product that can be used between relaxers that give hair that “just relaxed” look. It also protects from humidity, reduces frizz, straightens new growth and creates smoothness. It’s your must-have accessory for the summer.

Speaking of summer–this is the time that most women lighten their hair or give in to rocking a funky color. Bria assured me that Dark & Lovely’s new “Chocolate Bliss” collection will allow women of color the security of dying their hair without the risk. “Chocolate Bliss” boasts fade-resistant, vibrant and healthy hair color that will change the way women that use relaxers and natural women think of coloring their hair.

We got a chance to chat with Bria Murphy about working with Dark & Lovely, her fashion & beauty tips, how she feels about her mom, Nicole Murphy being on “Hollywood Exes” and why she’s acting, but won’t be a reflection of her famous father, Eddie Murphy.

Why Dark & Lovely?

Dark & Lovely actually reached out to me. I was doing a lot of test shoots and “Inside Edition” did an interview on me and Dark & Lovely saw it and they reached out to LA Models to contact me and it all just fell into place. When I found out they were interested, honestly there was no question in my mind. I didn’t even have to think about it! Of course I wanted to work with them. They are my first campaign job and I’m just so blessed to have this opportunity! There are so many girls they could have chose and they chose me!

This is a great way to brand yourself. Are you a consumer of the Dark & Lovely brand?

I’ve been using it since I was 11. I cut my hair off when I was 11 and I was wearing it curly, but the curls were almost too tight. They were locking up, so I needed a relaxer and I started using Dark & Lovely. So when they reached out to me, I was like what a coincidence, I actually use you guys already! They’ve been a part of my life for so long that I absolutely feel like I’m part of the family. They’re so welcoming, sweet and easy to work with and it’s just fun all the time.

Do you have any hair secrets that you could share with our readers–like how you get your fabulous hair?

It’s not a secret that I use Dark & Lovely. I love the Anti-Reversion cream because I can go out and do all these activities I used to avoid–like I would make excuses not to workout because I had just got my hair done and I started losing weight because  I’ve been using the product and can go and do that now. When I go to the club with my girlfriends, I don’t worry about my hair frizzing out.  It just made everything so much easier for me. I can’t wait for girls to start using it and hear their feedback!

Angela Simmons just came out with an Indique line of hair called “Bikini.” Would you ever partner with a hair line to come out with a weave or something of that sort?

Absolutely! I’m into changing my hair all time, so anything with hair or revolutionizing hair–I’m all for that. I’d love to do that one day. That’s awesome that she’s doing that. I didn’t know she was doing that!

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What are your summer fashion must haves? Five things that every girl must have in her closet?

For the summer, you must have bright colored skirts, pants and shorts. You must have wedges! Lipgloss is a must. I like light and fresh makeup. Don’t pile it on, you want to look fresh. It’s the summer, you want to look bright and bubbly. And a great moisturizer for your skin is really important and, of course sunscreen is necessary.

Your mom [Nicole Murphy] is a part of  “Hollywood Exes” and reality shows have taken a complete turn with shows like “Basketball Wives–” women are seen acting crazy on TV. How do you feel about your mom joining in on the reality show world?

Well my mom is really not being negative and I love it. I support her just like she supports me. It’s a great support system–like one big unit.

How does your father [Eddie Murphy] feel about you being a part about Dark & Lovely  and your mom being a part of the show?

I don’t know how he feels about the show, I’ve never really asked him. I know as far as I go, he’s really proud of me. Anytime he sees my ad in the paper or when he’s walking around he’s like, “Oh look at my baby!” That’s something that’s unexplainable–making your parents proud. It’s really great.

What do you have coming up next? Any other things you’re going to be working on in the fashion or beauty world?

I’ve been acting a lot lately and I can’t get into specifics about what i have been doing, but i have been venturing into that world.

Nothing specific so we can’t know if it’s TV, stage or film?

Well yes–it’s film, and TV, but specifically film.

So we’ll be looking for you to follow your father’s footsteps on the silver screen!


Is it intimidating to have the Murphy name and try to get into acting?

It is, but the only thing that’s the issue with it is that people expect me to be my dad as a female. They expect me to have his humor. I’m a different person. I have my own kind of humor so no you’re not getting my dad, you’ll get Bria. We’ll see how people interpret it.

Do you have any acting tips from your dad?

As far as acting is concerned, he’s always telling me to be very strong. It’s a very critical business, just like modeling. He tells me to stick to what you’re doing and believe in yourself and it’s going to happen. I feel so grateful to have such supportive and encouraging parents.

Is there anything else that you wanted to mention or anything you wanted people to know about Bria Murphy?

You can follow me on twitter @Bria_Murphy and you can find out more information about Dark & Lovely’s latest product at

Lean more about Dark & Lovely’s newest products–The Anti-Reversion Smoothing Serum, Chocolate Bliss Color Collection and the Total Restore Treatment HERE!

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