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A sobering new study finds that at least one black person dies nearly every day at the hands of law enforcement, a security guard or some other level of “self-appointed vigilante” here in the U.S. The use and concept of deadly force against blacks is now such standard practice among many of those otherwise designated as their protectors, it’s almost become as rudimentary as a reflex action.

Produced by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) and the No More Trayvon Martins campaign and entitled the “Extrajudicial Killings of Black People,” researchers toiled around the clock in uncovering that every 40 hours, just over a day and half, at least one victim fell prey to such torment and since the start of this year well over a hundred more sufferers (110 as of June 30) have succumbed to the same dubious distinction, thereby increasing the rate of the epidemic over the least six months to an even more alarming one victim every 36 hours.

“Any of these people killed could have been my son or your husband or daughter,” said study co-author and Malcolm X Solidarity Committee board member Arlene Eisen. Added fellow board member Rosa Clemente, “nowhere is a black woman or man safe from racial profiling, constant surveillance and overriding suspicion. All black people, regardless of education, class, occupation, behavior or dress are subject to the whims of the police in this epidemic of state initiated or condoned violence.”

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