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We all have those moments when we forget something basic, like a phone number we’ve called dozens of times, a word or a phrase that’s on the tip of our tongues, where we put the keys or if we’ve remembered to turn off the iron or the coffee pot.

We talk about “senior moments” when we lose our thoughts or joke with friends that we’ve come down with CRS (Can’t Remember ….well, you know).

But when are momentary memory lapses signs of something more?

The Alzheimer’s Association says that memory loss that disrupts daily life could be a sign of something serious and provides a list of 10 signs that should be investigated.

Typically, if you forget a name or some information but recall it later, it may be age-related memory loss. But if someone in your family is forgetting recently learned information, asking repeatedly for the same information or relying on family members for things he used to handle himsel it may be worth getting tested.

Other signs include changing the way a person solves a problem or difficulty in doing routine things, such as bill paying or difficulty in performing routine tasks such as driving to the store or the rules of a favorite game. Difficulty reading or problems judging distance or color contrasts, decreasing judgment, an inability to retrace one’s steps, problems speaking – calling things by the wrong name or being unable to complete a thought – changes in mood or personality or a withdrawal from favorite activities and social settings can all be indicators of Alzheimer’s.