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Sell. Go through your house and get rid of every single thing you can’t live without. I sold my living room furniture and we sat on the floor. We needed to pay our house payment more than we needed a sofa. If you don’t regularly use it, sell it. Start with your toys: golf clubs, boats, four-wheelers, motorcycles, bicycles and all your other “toys.” Then move to your closet, your DVDs, CDs, excess furniture, pictures, and anything else that isn’t absolutely necessary to your survival. Be tough on yourself. It’s amazing how little you really need to get by.

When it comes to looking for employment, get your ego out of the way. The fact is that your family needs food and your bills need to be paid. You have something called “commitments.” Which means you should be committed to paying them. You have “obligations.” Which means you are obligated to pay them. When you got married, I am betting that your vows said something along the lines of “for richer, for poorer.” That is the same vow you take with your other obligations and commitments as well. When you had your kids you didn’t agree to make sure they had food only when you had the job of your dreams and times were good. You also didn’t sign a contract with your mortgage company, bank or credit card company saying you would only make your payments when you were employed. You just committed to taking care of your obligations. There were no conditions associated with your commitment.

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