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This month, NewsOne presents a special exploration of Black Americans’ influence on social media, #TWEETING WHILE BLACK.


You’ve either participated, hated on it or wondered what they meant. If you see any of these trends pop up in your timelline, you have officially entered #BlackTwitter


INFOGRAPHIC: A History Of Black Twitter

Top Ten Black Tweeters

1) #TeamFollowBack

#TeamFollowBack consists of people who increase their Twitter followers by promising to follow back everyone who follows them. If #TeamFollowBack follows someone who doesn’t follow them back in a allotted amount of time, they will unfollow those who aren’t apart of #TeamFollowBack

2) #NobodyCares

Be careful what you Tweet. The #NobodyCares hashtag exists only to make your thoughts seem less important in the universe. #NobodyCares can be used one of two ways: As a response to a Tweet that one decides no one cares about, or as a self-awareness hashtag in your own Tweet that gives fair warning that no one will care what you’re currently Tweeting.

3) The Fake RT

The Fake Retweet is a humorous way to entertain your Twitter followers. The most common are celebrity fake Retweets. For an example, a user will either take out of context or write an entire new Tweet supposedly by a celebrity and craft it as a RT on their own account. This usually throws off followers into thinking that said celebrity actually said what was fake Retweeted.

4) #TwitterAfterDark

When the kids go to bed, the adults come out an play. #TwitterAfterDark happens between the hours of 11pm and 5am. Explicit Tweets and photos take over timelines and usually include the #TwitterAfterDark hashtag as a disclaimer for the inappropriate content.

5) #LonelyTweet

Your Tweet may be responded to with a #LonelyTweet hashtag if it is exemplifying want, yearning for, or loneliness.

6) #Thirst

The #Thirst hashtag is used when a Tweet shows a strong desire for something or someone with no subtle approach or tact.

7) #SoIKnowItsReal

Born from a Drake and Rick Ross song, “Free Spirit,” a recurring line in the song says, “Tat my name on you so I know it’s real.” Soon after, Tweeters began using the hashtag to express unusual demands that they expected from a significant other. #SoIKnowItsReal, can be seen either trending on Twitter at random times or popping up in your timeline if someone feels the need to express their outrageous relationship expectations.

8) @ Or Dap

The answer to the subtweet. All of Twitter is notorious for the subtweet — sending subliminal messages through Tweets without identifying who you’re talking to. When a subtweet is sent, a user may RT you and respond with “@ or dap,” meaning to say it to their Twitter handle or don’t say anything at all.

9) The Self-Important Twitter Bios

The Twitter bios are another place you can locate trends of Black Twitter. Those who list more than two cities that they reside or who list more than two jobs that they currently hold, are the most common.

Multiple careers

Multiple cities

10) Twitter Beef

It happens everywhere from A-list celebrities, D- List celebrities and the non-celebrities. Twitter is the easiest way to say what you want and have a screen to hide behind. There’s no promise that if you let the heat of the moment get to you that there won’t be repercussions later, but for the time being, Twitter offers the world’s largest boxing ring for anyone who wants to put on a show.