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With food stamps a target of many Republican politicians when it comes to budget talk discussions, California Rep. Jackie Speier and eight other congressional Democrats are eating on a budget of about $4.50 a day to show solidarity with food stamp recipients who receive $32.59 a week.

The personal thrift by many Democrats came about after an organization called Fighting Poverty With Faith, was reported by Pacifica Patch. The site also listed the food items that Speier was now buying.

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Speier displayed some of the items she was able to purchase for her first day of living on a food stamp budget: a bag of coffee and a loaf of bread from the Dollar Warehouse; a can of Campbell’s low sodium chicken noodle soup; and a can of sweet peas, possibly to put in a tuna casserole later in the week.

“And this is my treat for the week,” Speier said, holding up a box of microwave popcorn packets.

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