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This season of “Basketball Wives LA” has been filled with over the top drama! From the first fight with Laura and Malaysia to the current drama with Draya, it’s hard to keep up with who likes who and who’s talking about who. After talking with Draya recently, I knew that I had to find out more about what is really happening on this show. I caught up with Laura and asked her for her side of the story! Of course, Laura is no stranger to the media. As Gloria’s sister, we heard her mentioned plenty of times on the first season of “Basketball Wives” due to dating rumors between her and other NBA players. Laura definitely cleared all those rumors up! She dished on the drama with her and Jackie, her feelings toward Draya and even a little bit about her rocky relationship with her fiance. Take a look at what Laura had to say below!

HelloBeautiful: We watch the show every single week and the very first question that popped in my head is, what the heck is Jackie talking about? She’s been going around saying that you’ve been talking about her negatively behind her back, calling her fat amongst other things. Is she making things up?

Laura: Honestly, I have no idea what Jackie is talking about. You’ll see what’s to come. A lot of things are starting to be revealed. When you hang out with someone for a long period of time, his or her personality is eventually revealed, but I’m not like that. I’m myself from the beginning. I’m not a “fronter”. I am who I am; there are no surprises with me. I show you exactly who I am from the beginning. It’s so funny when you see it play out. It’s like on a first date people are pretending to be something they’re not, but with me you get the real me from the start. Like I’ll burp, I’ll fart. That’s just me! I’m real.

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HB: Why did you dislike Draya so much this season? What are your feelings toward Draya now?

Laura: It played out on the show that we have beef but in reality, we’re cool. It’s no animosity and no drama. It wasn’t even like that. What was really a two-hour filming session, you saw it edited into two minutes.

HB: What was the real reason you went in on Draya in the boxing ring? Did you plan that fight or did it just randomly happen?

Laura: You know, I’m the same way with my sister [Gloria]. I’m very athletic and I’m very competitive. If that was mom I would have been lenient but outside of that you get in the ring with me and I’m going to start going in. Draya said she wanted to come in I was like “okay”. If it would have been any of them I would have went just as hard. I did the same thing with my sister! So it wasn’t intentional or me just going hard on Draya because she’s Draya, I’m just competitive by nature.

HB: What made you and Jackie dig up dirt on Draya in the first place? Do you really believe the stories about Draya and her son are true?

Laura: That’s really none of my business. I didn’t care to look her up. We were asked to do so. I feel like it was a mistake and I even said that on the show. I don’t believe everything I read. It’s hard because people twist and turn your words and don’t write down exactly what you say. That’s her child. I’m passionate about being a mom, but that’s her life. That’s one thing I can look back and say that I wasn’t interested in doing. I was thinking, “this is dumb”.

HB: How do you respond to rumors that you’ve dated other NBA players?

Laura: I don’t say anything to them. People are going to believe what they want to believe regardless, that comes from being uneducated. I’m at fault for that too. I used to read stuff and be like “Oh my gosh!” so I get it. But now being in the industry, I’m always like “is that really true?” I don’t put effort into it anymore. I don’t really care as far as what people say about me because I can’t change everyone’s mind. When you meet me, people say I’m so nice and so sweet but you don’t get that on TV, you get the drama. I know how to portray the difference between who I am but it’s hard to see people go at you all the time so now I don’t read it or deal with it. The only people I care about are the people who care about me: my close friends, my fiancé and my family.

HB: Wow, fiancé?!  How are things going with your relationship now? Are they better since the show?

Laura: Things are going great! You know, he’s been my fiance, for a while now. On the show, people think that the reality that they are seeing is actually happening right now, and people don’t get it. But we were together for a while going into it. Were not shy about it. It’s been about 10 years of ups and downs but it just what it is.

HB: Do you still keep in touch with any of the other girls from the show besides your sister?

Laura: I do! I actually talk to all of them here and there. I’m really close to Imani and Malaysia and when I see Jackie, Tanya and Draya it’s all love. At the end of the day, we’re working together. I support them all. How many of us can say we’re doing things on our own? Think of it like this, we’re co-workers. It’s not cool to go into work and hate each other. As a woman, I’m cool with everybody. Even if we have beef, it’s of that moment. I never let it continue. We fight and keep it moving.

HB: How do you think being on “Basketball Wives LA” has changed you ?

Laura: It has changed me completely. I was over 200 pounds on the show and I had just given birth. I lost like 70-80 pounds since then. Other than the physical changes, I would say that it’s been therapy because you got to get a lot of things out that you normally couldn’t share with people. Seeing yourself on camera, seeing how big you are looking and how your hair looks and even your fashion. I don’t take it personally, I had a good time! I’d say that it’s mainly changed my sense of style and me caring more about my appearance.  Other than that, I’m the same me!

HB: Do you think we will see another season?

Laura: You guys have to stay tuned! Keep the fingers crossed. I think it was a good turn out and we had a good time. Ratings are high so I’m excited! I’m sure we may have one.

HB: Are you working on any new projects?

Laura: Well first, everyone follow me on twitter @l4govan! I have some kids books coming out because of course I’m always reading to my kids and I figured I would put out some kids books myself.  I also have a 12-step workout plan coming out because people always ask me how I lost so much weight so I want to share that with people. I want to motivate them on how to lose weight after having a child. I’m also making a maternity line for women after they’ve given birth because it was so hard to find any clothes that fit me after I had a baby. Your belly is still hanging out and you still look pregnant! It was so hard, so I wanted to make something that when you get it in, you still feel great.

And now the 5 questions we always ask….

What’s in your bag?

I’m such a mom! I have diapers, wipes, bottles, baby food, Cosco card, lip gloss, mascara, hair tie, cell phone, wallet, ID, credit cars, only 20 bucks because I don’t like to carry cash, iPhone with music for kids and a lot of snacks!

If  you were forced to get a tattoo what would it be of?

I already have five tattoos. So I guess if I were forced it would have to be anything Mexican. I’m Mexican and I represent hard. It would have to be something Spanish and something about my family. Something like a quote or a sentence.

What’s your vice and where do you go to get it

Twix, I’m addicted like a crack head! Like you’ll find me in a closet with two pieces of Twix secretly eating them everyday! I also love chocolate chip cookies but I need the chocolate chips in the cookies so I can pick them out- weird I know.

What’s one urge you get but never act on it?

To jump off a roof. I don’t know why. I used to jump off the roof when I was little and would be trying to sneak out the house to go play basketball at night. I always want to do that now but I look at that roof and I’m like “Oh no”.

When was the last time you cried?

The other day my son got his 4 month shot! I was in tears in the hallway at the doctor! The doctor is like “we’ve done it for 4 years”! Only over my kids!

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