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On last night’s episode of “The T.O Show”, T.O continues to expand his business ventures since his knee and football career seems unpromising. He introduces us to his barbershop, “T.O Cutz”, with co-owner Peter. Kita and Mo attempt to persuade T.O to expand his barbershop and make it into a beauty salon/barber shop but the men hate that idea and express that they want to keep the barbershop as manly as possible, making it into a “getaway” for men to come and watch sports, drink beer and get their hair cut.

Kita takes T.O to her beauty salon to show him how much weaves are selling for nowadays, hoping that it will open T.O’s eyes to the wonderful world of weaves. T.O seems a little more frightened than interested and states, “A rack of weave coming at me is not a pretty sight”.

Mo, taking notes from T.O on expanding his business, decided to try her hand at a new craft as well. She applied for a position as a radio dj and did great on her audition after fumbling a little and receiving a surprise visit from T.O (no surprise there).

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