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You gotta love the guy’s optimism. Even though most analysts and even the Washington Football Team’s own fan base have narrow hopes for this upcoming season the franchise’s starting quarterback thinks the Washington Washington Football Team are good enough to win the NFC East, a division they haven’t won since 1999. And while it seem very improbable looking at their average-looking roster on paper and the fact that their division rivals the Philadelphia Eagles are front loading on top-tier talent like they were fielding an Olympic team.

Rex Grossman said this Tuesday on Comcast SportsNet:

“We’re fine being the sleepers right now. We’re just waiting in the wings ready to take over the NFC East. Nobody’s talking about us, it’s right where we wanna be. You look at us from top to bottom out here, there’s a bunch of great players. And we don’t need people saying we’re the best right now. But when it’s all said and done, I really feel like this team’s gonna win the [NFC] East.”

He did say “When it’s all said and done” so maybe he’s talking about eventually like in a couple of years. That’s more plausible.

But the ‘Skins posted an official statement on their Twitter account to clarify the above statement.

“I wasn’t trying to make some kind of profound statement. I just really believe in this team. It comes down to how you handle adversity during the season and I really like the character of this team,” Grossman said.