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VIBE Vixen Presents The Sexiest Rapper Alive list was released yesterday and in my opinion they need to have more than a few seats with this list. Some of the rappers mentioned on this list I can understand, as many people do find them sexy.

Rappers like Drake, J. Cole, LL Cool J and Method Man though, I wouldn’t have put them on the list, I can actually understand their logic in the sense that so many people do find them sexy. But then (insert long sigh), they went and threw a monkey wrench in the game and through me for a loop with some of the others. Not only was list not in order, there weren’t even the right amount of rappers on the list also it was said to be 25 of the sexiest yet they only included sixteen. Check out VIBE’s pick for “25” of the sexiest rappers alive.

#24. Mos Def. Okay granted Mos Def is not the most physically attractive guy out there, something about his cool, laid back vibe and baby face and smooth voice that allows him to be on this list. With Def’s seemingly chill demeanor coupled with his intellectual and well rounded  personality I can actually say VIBE was justified in including him in this list.

#23. B.O.B. Not my cup of tea, but understandable for this list.

#22. Eminem. Really, though. I’ve never and I do mean never, heard a soul say, “Eminem is so damn sexy.” Never. I’ve just never heard it, and he doesn’t even give off a sexy vibe, if anything he gives off somewhat of a cute vibe but sexy. That’s a stretch. To declare someone’s sexiness is just that, a declaration so I need for them to be sure about declaring Eminem sexy.

#21. Method Man. Understandable, when he’s not scrunching up his face looking like he’s about to run up in your grandmother’s house, tie her up and rob her blind then come around you trying to kiss you on the neck like all is well, he’s not that hard to look at. His rough around the edges look actually work in his favor if you’re into the thuggish, ruggish type.

#18. Joe Budden. Granted, he’s fairly easy on the eyes…..until he opens his mouth and unleashes his thoughts. It automatically makes you shake your head when he speaks. Automatically.

#17. Lil Wayne. Speechless. What about this kid is sexy? Don’t worry, I’ll wait………

#16. Big Sean. Not bad, he’s actually pretty hot. Finally VIBE gets it.

#15. J. Cole. Again, not bad. I can definitely understand his stance on this list.

#11. Nelly. While I’m not Nelly fan, I get it. He’s built like Brad Pitt in Troy and he’s no Gorilla Black in the face. I can dig it.

#10. Drake. Event though Drake looks like Curious George to me, the fact of the matter is that there are numerous amounts of young girls out there crooning over his Jew fro and ape-like looks. All jokes aside, in the history of successful rappers that are actually sexy, there really isn’t many people to go off of so I can understand them pulling people out of their behind’s for this. Vibe you get a pass for this one, just this once.

#8. Soulja Boy. Just when I thought they understood, they put some BS on the list like this. I have absolutely no words. None, whatsoever. This just blows me….

#7. Nas. They know damn well Nas needs to be higher on this list. They just know it, especially when you reflect back to Nas in his prime.

#6. LL Cool J. What can I say, the ladies do love them some cool James. I don’t find him sexy but I’m not mad at all. Ladies have been tossing their drawlz at LL for years.

#4. Common. My only problem with this ish right here, is that Common’s not number one. I don’t care what you say, Common has much more sex appeal than…

#1. T.I. I have no issue with T.I. being on this list because obviously the fact that he’s knee high to a duck doesn’t affect a lot of women. And once you look down, he’s not bad on the eyes either.

Do you think VIBE did this list any justice? If not, who would you put on the list?

*Side note* I put the list in numerical order, it was not arranged this way on the site.

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